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  1. Linda Poole

    Ryan Indart: solar grazing success!

    Please see the attachment here for in-depth information on solar grazing from Californian Ryan Indart. He's got a wealth of experience that he shares freely!
  2. Linda Poole

    And desert restoration works well with solar panels too!

    Interesting article this week in Anthropocene by Sarah DeWeerdt...
  3. Linda Poole

    Solar panels work better with crops!

    I knew the reverse was true, but in Anthropocene author Emma Bryce shares an interesting discovery: See the full article here.
  4. Linda Poole

    The Effect of Solar Panels on the Grazing Behavior of Sheep (Ovis aries)

    Hi Emma, and thank you for sharing your research. Your study makes an excellent case for the grazing of sheep beneath solar arrays. I think this is a marvelous melding of sustainable agriculture and energy. My area of interest is in rangeland and wildlife ecology, and I am a shepherd, so I am...
  5. Linda Poole

    Solar sheep, and a woold of baaaa-d puns

    Good to see this topic getting wider attention and funding. And check out the viewer comments if ewe flock to sheepish puns. 🙃