Hunt Utilities Group, LLC (HUG) has one or two openings for summer interns to study agricultural robots (Agribotics) and solar panels over farm fields (Agrivoltaics) on our Resilient Living Research Campus. Research will include surveying the field and reporting on the state of technology and should touch on regenerative agriculture, polycropping, electric vehicle chargers, carbon capture in soil, and available grants or partnerships. HUG's overarching research goal is to explore and bring to market new technologies to help people live more sustainably.
  • Location - Hunt Utilities Group Resilient Living Research Campus in Pine River, MN
  • Start Date - June 2 (flexible)
  • Duration - 10 weeks (flexible)
  • Hours - M-F, 8-5 (flexible)
  • Wage - $15/hr.
Quick Details
The successful candidate will have a good background in research and reporting, some familiarity or interest in the general topics of agriculture, sustainability, solar, and robotics. The first part of the project will consist of heavy duty research into the state of the art in robots in agriculture and solar panels over farm fields. The product of this phase of research should be a compilation report on both topics and short weekly presentations to the rest of the staff.

In the seond phase of the project, interns will explore ideas and feasibility of projects on our campus involving combinations and features of the technology they studied and look for funding opportunities.
Project Description
  • Visceral desire to help the world live more sustainably
  • Strong written and communication skills
  • Fluent with computers and spreadsheets
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Self-motivated and ability to focus and study independently
Desired Attributes
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