Joe, I have been keeping a file since 2016. I update the electric equipment pdf list twice a year. In order to be on my list, the company has to be selling the product with success. This list is also a approved equipment sale for the USDA REAP grant program and Department of Energy.
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Joe , There has been a rapid increase in electric equipment companies and this one just to North Carolina USA .
With the newer batteries it has a run time of over 12 hrs.
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Had a average size farmer wanting a current list of electric tractors for his produce operation in Georgia.
He is looking at getting a solar fence to run his packing house and some electric farming equipment.


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Updated et-sun statement on SolarFences©;
SolarFences© power profits in Agriculture

They produce profits in multiple ways: A SolarFence© saves space and valuable ag land, it optimizes power generation for batteries and infrastructure at the farm using bifacial solar modules. It also matches the farm equipment size and width for any crop grown. And if you have a SolarFence©, it out performs existing systems on roofs, and ground mounts as solar fences allows you to take advantage of further potential to generate energy for electric farm equipment like electric tractors for tillage, cultivation and harvesting and diversify your own off grid energy production to run the farms infrastructure no matter the crop or animal diversity.
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Two major stories for this month about solar powered tools . Case International and Knegt electric tractors are it.
Going electric is all about making profit.
Practicality, an electric tractor is stronger, less noisy and needs less maintenance.
It’s environmental friendly, zero emission, starts easy in very cold conditions and doesn’t pollute the soil with oil and/or diesel.
Not paying for high gas and diesel prices, saving on maintenance cost
is - making profit.
Having free solar power for the house, business, and agriculture operation
- it’s all about making profit.
That’s why economical savvy people switch to all electric and use their existing Solar Panels or et-sun SolarFences© with battery back-up as their own solar plant to get free charges - and make profit.

Financial, I have a lower consumption cost per hour, lower maintenance cost
and as a farmer, I can receive subsidies on the purchase of anything electric I use on the farm, including a new e-Tractor.
Tax Incentives can reduce the ROI down to about 2 years. The best investment I can ever make, besides the fact of being independent from the power grid.
e-Tractor models for every type of agriculture operation can be seen on this website:

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