USDOE's Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTI) commissioned a paper on Minimizing siting conflict and addressing agricultural communities’ concerns will be key in promoting public support for agrivoltaics, as localized acceptance of solar is a critical determinant of project success. This survey study assessed if public support for solar development increases when energy and agricultural production are combined in an agrivoltaic system. Results show that 81.8% of respondents would be more likely to support solar development in their community if it combined the production of both energy and agriculture. Do Agrivoltaics Improve Public Support for Solar Photovoltaic Development? Survey Says: Yes! Alexis S. Pascaris1*, Chelsea Schelly1 Mark Rouleau1 Joshua M.Pearce2,3 * corresponding author: aspascar@mtu.edu

Universities, laboratories, farmers, solar developers, environmentalists, water conservationists, land-use planners are all captivated about the win-win-win-win potentials of agrivoltaics. - Prof Sklar

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Scott Sklar
Adjunct Professor & Sustainable Energy Director
Environment & Energy Management Institute (EEMI)
and Director, GWU Solar Institute
The George Washington University (GWU)
https://eemi.seas.gwu.edu/ sklar@gwu.edu
Personal email: solarsklar@aol.com Ph 703-522-3049

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