The Research to Grass Roots program is intended to incorporate previous SARE research into application for agricultural professionals, farmers, ranchers and others in the Western Region and increase the overall understanding and proficiency in sustainable agriculture among these groups.

The Research to Grassroots (RGR) grant program is built on the SARE concept that results of applied research are used to train agricultural professionals and farmers/ranchers in the latest practices of sustainable agriculture. Successful proposals must incorporate the research results from previously funded SARE projects
and bring those results out into the field through education for ag professionals and producers. Results from the previous SARE-funded research must be the basis of the RGR project, and the connection to the previous research must be documented in the proposal. Examples of possible educational projects under RGR grants would include, but not restricted to, local demonstrations, trainings, focus groups, and application of research results by farmers or ranchers on their own operations. Funds may be used to support salary and/or travel for qualified individuals to visit the location(s) of the RGR project and assist with education or demonstration efforts to apply the underlying SARE project results.

Proposals due November 9, 2022. For more information, visit

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