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About AgriSolar

The AgriSolar Clearinghouse is an information-sharing, relationship-building, public communications hub for all things agrisolar. The AgriSolar Clearinghouse:

  • Connects farmers, graziers, developers, researchers, and the public,
  • Collaborates on sustainable agrisolar opportunities,
  • Provides practical technical assistance, 
  • Develops best practices and innovative solutions, and
  • Celebrates the agrisolar community.
The co-location of solar and agriculture is a climate solution that can save water, build the soil, produce healthy, high-yielding crops, increase pollinator habitat, provide new income for existing farms and land access to beginning farmers, and improve the resilience of rural communities.
“There’s a wonderful space here where we can all work together and we can do this to the mutual benefit of the land and of energy.” — Dr. Stacie Peterson, NCAT Energy Services Director.

Watch our new short film, Harvesting the Sun, now!

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AgriSolar News Roundup: NJ Agrisolar Study, France Agrisolar Rules, False Claims of Solar Dispelled, Agrisolar Peer-to-Peer Cohort, Ohio Agrisolar Project Largest in US 

New Jersey Farm Studies Agrisolar   “Rutgers University’s 170 kW agrivoltaic project on its farm on the Cook campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey features a vertical solar installation designed by California-based Sunstall.  The…

Harvesting the Sun, the Agrisolar Short Film, is Available Now!

Across the country, farmers, landowners, researchers, and solar companies are working together to harvest the sun twice: once with crops, honey, pollinators, and forage for grazing animals, and again with solar panels. This co-location…

Case Study: Alaska Agrivoltaics

Southcentral Alaska is home to the state’s first agrivoltaics project, a study that aims to uncover the best practices for harvesting from both land and sun. The research team will monitor both farmed crops and native berry plants that grow between the rows of panels at an operational solar PV array.  The solar array is situated in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, where the majority of Alaska’s farmland is located.  

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