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About AgriSolar

The AgriSolar Clearinghouse is an information-sharing, relationship-building, public communications hub for all things agrisolar. The AgriSolar Clearinghouse:

  • Connects farmers, graziers, developers, researchers, and the public,
  • Collaborates on sustainable agrisolar opportunities,
  • Provides practical technical assistance, 
  • Develops best practices and innovative solutions, and
  • Celebrates the agrisolar community.

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The Latest

AgriSolar News Roundup: Serbian Agrisolar, Cornell Agrisolar Research, Agrisolar in France 

Serbia’s First Agrisolar Project Developed   “Agrisolar, an increasingly popular and effective solution for harnessing solar energy, has finally arrived in Serbia. Organic farm Organela in the village of Gornja Bukovica has…

Agrisolar Short Film Coming Soon- Watch the Trailer Now!

Coming February 27th: The Agrisolar Short Film Harvesting the Sun!
Blue Tractor

Fact Sheet: Financial Considerations for Developing an Agrivoltaic System

By Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Centerat Jack's Solar Garden Compared to conventional solar energy developments, agrivoltaic systems may have different capital expenditures, cash flows, and risk impacts for a solar asset owner. Discussed…
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