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Connecting businesses, land managers, and researchers with trusted resources to support the growth of co-located solar and sustainable agriculture

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The AgriSolar Clearinghouse is an information-sharing, relationship-building, public communications hub for all things agrisolar. The AgriSolar community:

  • Connects farmers, developers, researchers, and the public
  • Provides practical technical assistance
  • Develops best practices and innovative solutions to barriers
  • Evaluates financing options
  • Promotes sustainable agrisolar opportunities

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Financial Resources

Find utility incentives, grant funding, ownership structures, lease options, and tax information to finance your project.


Find guidance on contract language, procurement guidelines, and government policies.

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The Latest

Case Study: Million Little Sunbeams

Million Little Sunbeams: Where tradition meets innovation.  Massachusetts’ first operational dual-use solar system took root in the town of Monson, where Nate and Ania Tassinari aspired to reinvigorate their 3rd generation family…

AgriSolar News Roundup: The Power of Shade, Oregon Agrivoltaics Development, Agrivoltaics is a “Win-Win”  

The Power of Shade in Agrivoltaics  “The sun’s energy feeds grazing fodder and crops side-by-side with solar panels. ‘For farmers, it’s a two-income stream,’ said Brad Heins, professor of animal science at the University of…

AgriSolar News Roundup: Agrisolar in the Midwest, Community Solar in California, Achieving Zero-Carbon Goals  

Solar Power and Crops Grow Together in the Midwest  “Farmland is well suited for solar development of all kinds, for the same reasons it’s good for growing crops — it’s largely flat, drains well and gets lots of sun. Grazing…