AgriSolar News Roundup: Canadian Agrotunnel Technology, Aquavoltaics in the Phillipines, Canadian Solar Grazing 

Indoor Agrotunnel System Produces Berries Year-Round in Canada 

“Currently in its first full year of operation at the Environmental Sciences Western Field Station, the Western-led project combines a photovoltaic (solar panel) shielded outdoor farm with an Agrotunnel, which is an indoor growing system that houses high-density vertical aeroponic (growing plants in the air) and hydroponic (growing plants in water) hybrid systems that use high-efficiency, spectrally optimized LED grow lights.” – Agritechtomorrow  

Aquavoltaic Partnership Developing in the Philippines 

“The Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), a government-owned entity, has signed a preliminary agreement with Singapore-based company Moorfields Capital Pte Ltd to explore the deployment of aquavoltaic technology as part of the country’s energy strategy. 

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) was finalized on April 25 between PNOC President and CEO Oliver B. Butalid as well as Moorfields CEO Hee Meng Chia. The proposed collaboration aims to develop a 100-hectare aquavoltaic project, although the specific location has not yet been determined by the parties involved.” – Solarquarter 

Solar and Sheep Operations Show Success 

“The success of ‘solar grazing’ programs at Arnprior and other facilities across Canada and the U.S. has garnered attention from landowners, sheep farmers and solar developers alike. 

‘Solar grazing creates win-win-win situations,’ observes Kevin Campbell, Director, Development with EDFR. ‘Farmers benefit from the increased access to pasture grazing for their sheep, and landowners benefit from the natural improvements to soil quality that occur as a result of grazing, which include reduced erosion, weed control, improved soil health, and greater carbon sequestration due to the land not being tilled.’” – Agritechtomorrow