ASGA Teatime Replay: Planning Large-Scale Grazing with Jonathan Barter and Troy Bishopp

In August 2022, ASGA Board President Jonathan Barter and “The Grass Whisperer” Troy Bishopp joined us for a lively discussion on how to plan grazing management. 

For their follow up, Jonathan and Troy led a discussion focused on planning for larger grazing operations. They invited graziers and ASGA members JR Howard, Josiah Fleury, and Dennis Bauman to discuss their experience with grazing operations on large sites. The conversation was wide-ranging and dug into the practical components of how you plan grazing at scale as well as regional differences, including between smaller-scale operations in the Northeast where utility-scale grazing is less common and Texas and other states where utility-scale grazing is more the norm.

Here are some of the broader topics they covered:  

  • Their roles in site design and layout
  • Challenges they’ve encountered in developing management strategies
  • Planning for economic considerations and contract compliance
  • Water supply, mowing, and fees

Hosts: Kevin Richardson (ASGA) and Carl Berntsen from AgriSolar Clearinghouse / NCAT

This Teatime is part of a series co-hosted and sponsored by the AgriSolar Clearing House team. We thank them for their generous support and for adding their expertise to the Teatime events!