This paper presents a novel 3D agrovoltaic modelling tool developed in python, which enables technical and economical evaluation of potential agrovoltaic designs. The study shows that agrivoltaic installations can be utilized to further decarbonize the agriculture sector while also providing new market opportunities for PV installers and developers.

This poster illustrates the performance of several crops under a solar photovoltaic panel, including pears. The performance of this agrisolar operation is provided in detail in the poster shown, including details regarding erosion and flooding risk, as well as crop suitability and cropping area.

This best practices report includes many orchardvoltaic case studies in Europe, including: Albers raspberry farm in the Netherlands, strawberry greenhouses in France, citrus fruit and aromatic herbs grown in PV greenhouses in France as well as land regeneration and an animal husbandry agrisolar project in Hauet-Garonne, France. These projects presented in this report can be useful in the development of similar agrisolar projects in the future.