AgriSolar News Roundup: Stable Returns in Agrisolar, Agrisolar Market Forecast, Agrisolar Increase in US 

Farmers Across America Chase Stable Returns 

Farmers are increasingly embracing solar as a buffer against volatile crop prices and rising expenses. Their incomes are heading for a 26% slide this year, the biggest drop since 2006, as cash receipts for corn, soy and sugar cane are expected to drop by double-digit percentages.  

The shift is a big part of the renewables push in the US: The American Farmland Trust estimates that 83% of expected future solar development will take place on agricultural soil.” – 

Agrisolar Market Forecast to be Worth $10.64 Billion by 2033 

“The Brainy Insights estimates that the USD 2.98 billion Agrivoltaics market will reach USD 10.64 billion by 2033. Increased government initiatives to boost R&D in agrivoltaics is one major factor that may create lucrative opportunities for agrivoltaics devices in the market. Governments across the globe have undergone tremendous initiatives to boost investments and increase subsidies in the market. To achieve net-zero carbon emissions the government across the globe is undergoing a renewable fuel-based economy.” – 

US Farms with Solar Have Tripled Since 2013 

“Solar panels are gaining popularity across U.S. fields. In fact, there are now three times as many farms with solar installations compared to 2012. 

In 2012, a little more than 36,000 U.S. farms had them installed. By 2017, that number had jumped to more than 90,000. In 2022, it shot up to nearly 120,000. 

Successful Farming found some producers were being offered as much as $1,000 per acre to lease land for solar. While crops can net that much, the panels do not require any input costs like seed and fertilizer.” –