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AgriSolar News Roundup: Cows in Agrisolar, Agrisolar in Nebraska, Small Farms Using Kunekune Pigs 

Michigan Agrisolar Farm Includes Cattle  “Since farms use a significant amount of energy, generating electricity directly on the farm is appealing for those seeking to reduce expenses. Also, farming-friendly solar is possible where several farms have married on-farm solar with rotational grazing of livestock. While sheep have been the predominant livestock used in solar pastures, […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Crops and Livestock in AgriSolar, AgriSolar Adds Value to Low-Yield Crops, Food Security in Brazil Using AgriSolar 

AgriSolar Shown to be Ideal for Various Crops and Livestock  “Agrivoltaics, the practice of producing food in the shade of solar panels, is an innovative strategy that combines the generation of photovoltaic electricity with agricultural land use. The outcome is an optimized relationship between food production, water, and energy – the so-called Food-Energy-Water Nexus.  According […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: GivePower Aquavoltaics, Solar Decommissioning Resource Guide, Chinese Aquavoltaics Deployment, Solar Irrigation in Nebraska

GivePower Desalinates Water Overseas Using Aquavoltaics  “Austin, Texas-based GivePower started by installing solar panels for schools, community centers or other projects in communities in need. But GivePower founder Hayes Bernard realized that people, especially women and girls, would not attend school if they had to walk 8 miles to get water every day. That’s when […]

Massachusetts Farm Partners with BlueWave in Dual-Use Solar

The Knowlton Farm, a Massachusetts agrisolar operation, has recently partnered with BlueWave Solar to expand agrisolar operations on the farm in Grafton, according to an article by The New York Times.   Owner Paul Knowlton stated that the farm typically produces a variety of vegetables, dairy products, and hay, but also produces solar energy. He […]

US Solar Partners with T-Mobile on Minnesota Solar Gardens

US Solar and T-Mobile have partnered on 14 Solar Community Gardens in Minnesota. T-Mobile’s sunscription to US Solar’s Community Solar Garden means the company will benefit from local solar without upfront costs and equipment. The energy-cost savings will apply to seven Minnesota counties.   Erica Forsman, Vice President of Origination at US Solar, stated, “We’re focused […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Solar Leasing Guidebook and Workshops, Maryland Solar Bills, Australian AgriSolar

American Farmland Trust Announces Guidebook and Workshops for Solar Leasing  American Farmland Trust, a stakeholder in the AgriSolar Clearinghouse, has announced they will offer virtual and in-person workshops designed to help ranchland and farmland owners understand the emerging solar-development field.  “Solar energy development is accelerating rapidly in our region, and what we’re seeing is that […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Pastureland, Australian Grazing Quality, Regenerative Energy

Pastureland: Solar Panels and Sheep  “Grazing by sheep and other livestock joins other dual uses: planting groundcover to benefit pollinators, growing marketable plants such as cherry tomatoes and lavender under the panels, installing beehives, and maximizing soil health practices to improve the land for later ag use. The use of solar sites for livestock grazing […]