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AgriSolar News Roundup: Canadian Agrotunnel Technology, Aquavoltaics in the Phillipines, Canadian Solar Grazing 

Indoor Agrotunnel System Produces Berries Year-Round in Canada  “Currently in its first full year of operation at the Environmental Sciences Western Field Station, the Western-led project combines a photovoltaic (solar panel) shielded outdoor farm with an Agrotunnel, which is an indoor growing system that houses high-density vertical aeroponic (growing plants in the air) and hydroponic (growing […]

Effects of the Agrivoltaic System on Crop Production: The Caseof Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

This study explores the potential application of tomato fruit production within the agrivoltaic system, aiming to evaluate its contribution to food security in the context of climate change. Specifically, the study compares tomato cultivation under agrivoltaic conditions with shaded areas created by PV panels to traditional cultivation under full sunlight conditions.The experiments primarily focus on […]

Agrivoltaic System Success: A Review of Parameters That Matter

This article presents a comprehensive review of the fundamental parameters that underpin agrivoltaic systems. Focusing on the latest research, this review examines the challenges and opportunities intrinsic to the implementation of agrivoltaic energy systems, paying particular attention to the various parameters that contribute to their performance. These parameters encompass a range of factors such as […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: NJ Agrisolar Study, France Agrisolar Rules, False Claims of Solar Dispelled, Agrisolar Peer-to-Peer Cohort, Ohio Agrisolar Project Largest in US 

New Jersey Farm Studies Agrisolar   “Rutgers University’s 170 kW agrivoltaic project on its farm on the Cook campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey features a vertical solar installation designed by California-based Sunstall.  The farm operates as a production farm, research facility and teaching operation in support of the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological […]

Floating Solar Panels on Reservoirs Impact Phytoplankton Populations: A Modelling Experiment

Floating Solar Photovoltaic (FPV) deployment continues rapidly worldwide, outpacing under-standing of any concomitant environmental impacts. The findings in this study demonstrate that modelling, using an uncertainty framework, can provide useful insight into possible water body response. Specifically, this study found that FPV generally promotes cooler water temperatures that, coupled with deteriorated light conditions, slow phytoplankton […]