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Fact Sheet: The Economics of Solar Grazing

Solar grazing is on the rise in the United States with dozens of new operations springing up across the country. However, with all of this growth in mind, an important question remains: if a grazier wants to enter the solar grazing market, how much will it cost, and how much revenue can they generate? Budget […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Bipartisan Agrivoltaics Bill, Danish Solar Grazing, Ohio Agrisolar Project 

U.S. Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill that Supports Agrivoltaics Research  “U.S. senators on both sides of the aisle have recently proposed two bills to boost agrivoltaics, the double-duty climate solution that pairs solar panels (photovoltaics) with agriculture — or closely related land uses that benefit farmers and ecosystems.  In May, senators Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) and Cory […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Community Solar Projects, Colorado Agrivoltaics Bill Signing, Agrisolar Research in Oregon 

500MW of Community Solar to be Deployed by Community Solar Collective  “Aggreko Energy Transition Solutions (ETS), a business unit of Scottish modular power equipment distributor Aggreko Ltd., announced it would become the capital partner to the Farmers Powering Communities (FPC) platform, a farmland community solar development collective. With preservation and non-profit groups Edelen Renewables, the […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Solar Pollinator Habitat in Minnesota, Agrisolar Industries in US, Europe and Asia, Dominion Energy Lambscaping, Solar Grazing in Kentucky, Virginia Solar Pollinators, Solar Restores Biocrusts 

US Agriculture Industry Demonstrates Ability to Embrace New Technologies and Practices “The rising tide of opposition to large-scale solar farms has been impacting the US solar industry, but over the long run, PV stakeholders have the butterflies on their side. Solar developers are eager to pitch their projects as pollinator habitats that replace cultivated crops […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: SREC Tracking, Spade Agrivoltaic Software, Agrivoltaic Market Value, Cannabis and Solar 

Commodity or Specialty: Tracking Pollinator-Friendly SRECS “The M-RETS platform—the leading renewable environmental attribute tracking system used by Fortune 25 companies, utilities, and regulators—this year will begin tracking an additional environmental attribute associated with grid-scale solar projects: a pollinator-friendly designation. M-RETS already tracks solar renewable energy credits (called S-RECs) and Minnesota is one of a number […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Cornell Agrisolar Research, Agrivoltaic Development in Italy, Oregon Agrisolar Research 

Research Shows Crops Can Boost Photovoltaic Panel Performance and Longevity  “We now have, for the first time, a physics-based tool to estimate the costs and benefits of co-locating solar panels and commercial agriculture from the perspective of increased power conversion efficiency and solar-panel longevity,” said lead author Henry Williams, a doctoral student at Cornell.  “‘There […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: NYPA Agrisolar Study Results, Cornell Agrisolar Research, New Solar Panels Increase Crop Yield

NYPA Study Provides Best Practices for Agrivoltaic Systems “The New York Power Authority (NYPA) announced the release of a new report, Agrivoltaic Leading Practices, that recommends proven and innovative approaches on integrating dual-land use for agriculture and solar energy production. The study determined that a best practice agrivoltaic site ideally involves stakeholder collaboration, community education, policy […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Farm to Table Event at Biosphere 2, UAZ Agrisolar Research, German Agrisolar Pilot Project  

Agrisolar Clearinghouse Hosts Farm to Table Event at Biosphere 2   The AgriSolar Clearinghouse held an AgriSolar Farm to Table event  at Biosphere 2 in Tucson, Arizona, last week, in partnership with the GreenBiz23 conference. Similar to the AgriSolar Clearinghouse Follow the Sun field trips, the AgriSolar Farm to Table events bring members of the agrisolar […]

AgriSolar News Roundup: Agrisolar Pilot Project Results, Vertical PV Research, Translucent Solar Panel Research 

Results of Agrisolar Soybean Pilot Project Revealed by PV Developer  “French solar developer TSE, in association with Alliance BFC, has unveiled the initial results of a pilot study in France on how solar panels can affect soybean growth. The teams observed solid vegetative growth of the soybeans, with normal flowering, fertilization, and physiological maturation. The […]