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Insect control is the biggest challenge in agriculture. It is a common practice to use a deadly chemical pesticide to protect the crop from pest damage. There are many side effects of using a chemical. Use of more pesticide results in financial burden to the farmers. Moreover, the food becomes contaminated. In organic and integrated farming by using environment friendly automated solar powered insect trap, pests can be brought under control effectively. Solar trap is very simple in construction and use. On the four-legged stand (about five-foot height), the solar lamp strips are mounted powered by battery. To refill the basin with the water the solar trap is fitted with a pump. During the evening when the harmful pests hovers the crop fields, the solar lamp will switch on automatically and attracts the insects that may destroy the crops. Attracted insects end up in a water-filled basin. Water ca be mixed with soap oil or shampoo to prevent the insects escaping from the basin. Every day, basin full of insects ca be trapped. Farmers’ job is to switch on the motor that tilt the basin to empty the trapped insects and refill the water to basin with the help of pump every day. One Solar Trap is enough for one-acre farming field. Another specialty of the machine is that it can be shipped anywhere without much difficulty. The Solar Trap can be various crops fields such as vegetables, pomegranates, grapes, cucumber, nut, coconut, paddy, sugarcane etc.