This North Dakota State University Extension publication provides an introductory checklist of energy efficiency opportunities for greenhouses. The checklist includes air leaks, double covering, energy conserving curtain, foundation and sidewall insulation as well as space utilization.

This North Dakota State University Extension publication provides energy efficiency information for grain drying. The checklist includes an overview of grain-drying energy, facts and actions on grain drying and additional resources for grain dryers.

This North Dakota State University Extension publication provides an introductory overview of energy auditing for a farmstead. The checklist includes tractor and field operation(s), details regarding grain drying practices, indoor and outdoor lighting and irrigation.

This Wisconsin Extension publication concerns energy conservation as a result of heat recovery in continuous flow column dryers. The publication includes details on heat recovery and cooling options for continuous flow dryers.

This NCAT ATTRA publication briefly discusses some of the considerations and potential benefits involved in the use of animal power and offers resources for further information and equipment. The publication includes an overview of uses and power potential for horses, mules, oxen and add-a-unit flexibility as well as considerations for safety and suitability and scarcity of knowledge and equipment.

This NCAT ATTRA publication provides an overview of how dairy farms can implement efficiency improvements and energy-saving technologies that can reduce energy consumption and energy-related costs. The publication includes details on the milking process, milk cooling systems, heating water and lighting.

This North Dakota State University Extension article concerns energy efficiency opportunities in tractors and field operations. The checklist includes a list of questions to ask related to proper tire inflation, RPM speed on larger tractors and shading for fuel storage. The document also includes a list of facts and actions regarding tractor maintenance, machine cost calculator and wheel slippage.

This NCAT ATTRA publication describes how to fi nd the net water application rate for any irrigation system. It further explains how to calculate the number of hours the system should be operated, describes several ways to measure flowing water in an open channel or pipeline, and offers suggestions for irrigating with limited water supplies.

This NCAT ATTRA publication explains how to maintain irrigation pumps, motors, and engines for peak efficiency. The publication includes descriptions and diagrams of recommended installations, checklists for maintenance tasks, and a troubleshooting guide. Each system component is treated separately and maintenance tasks are broken down by how frequently they need to be done.

This publication by Penn State Extension provides energy saving tips for Dairy Farmers. Included in this document are tips relating to variable speeds on vacuum pumps, pre coolers for cooling milk, tuning vacuum systems and heat recovery from milk-cooler compressors.